90 Day e.A.T. Challenge

Welcome to the 90 Day E.A.T. Challenge!

  • The E.A.T. Challenge is HPC's initiative to form loving relationships throughout the ministry through fellowship meals
  • The 90 Day E.A.T. challenge works like this...
  • Invite someone from HPC who is not already in your circle to fellowship during the week
  • Any fellowship with food or drink will qualify (e.g. lunch or hanging out at Starbucks)
  • The fellowship can take place out or at someone's home.
  • Goal is to EAT with someone outside of your circle at HPC at least two times per month

Click the letters below for more details about the challenge!

  • E - Evaluate

    • Decide when you can share a meal with others (e.g. Sundays after service and Saturday's at 1pm)
  • A - Approach

    • identify who you will fellowship
    • Start with someone you are already friendly with and work your way out to others over time

E.A.T. Challenge Vision

E.A.T. Challenge Overview