do over

time for something new

4/1 (EASTER)

New Direction - Change your life

4/8 (Friends & Family)

New Attitude - Change your outlook

4/15 (Youth Sunday)

New Mindset - Change your thinking


New Friends - Change your relationships

sexual misconduct

Why it happens, and what we can do about it

2/11      The Pull of Power; Seeing people as possessions

2/18     Speak Up; When victims find their voice

2/25    Sex in the City; Living in a hyper-sexualized                        society

3/4       Playing With Fire; When flirtation goes too far

the power of potential

Advancing on purpose

Begins Sunday, September 17th

  • 9/17* Understanding Your Identity; What You Were Really Meant to Do
  • 9/24 What's My Motivation?  Expectations and Limitations
  • 10/1   Don't Stop Moving; The Power of Focus
  • 10/8 The Power of a Pivot; Take A Stand and Make a Change
  • 10/15 Defining Your Success; Leadership and Legacy
  • * Don't Miss Friends & Family Day September 17th (fellowship meal after service)

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407 West Wilson Avenue, Mooresville, NC 28115

Sundays @ 10am

Not ashamed of the gospEL

for it is the power of God to everyone who believes

  • July 30            All About Missions
  • August 6         The Home Mission
  • August 13        Why People Want to Hear You
  • August 20       When Others Reach Out
  • August 27       You Have a Story To Tell
  • September 3   Let Everyone Know
  • September 10 HIS-Story

Diversity and acceptance


  • Privilege & Entitlement; Must I Apologize For the Past?

April 23

  • Same Faith, Different Beliefs; Maintaining Identity in A Multicultural World

April 30

  • What Legacy Am I Leaving My Kids?  Identifying Who I Am

May 7

  • One Nation Under God & Working Together

Authority, Power & influence

March 19 - Issues with Authority

March 26 - The Purpose of Power

April 2 - God's Intention for Influence