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Starts Fall 2018

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growth groups


higher purpose church

We have been created to live in community and not in isolation.  Physically, we do live in a community, but spiritually, socially, and relationally we often live our lives in isolation.  We find ourselves with no one to turn to when we have a major issue that has just surface in our life.  Living in community affords us the opportunity to more wholly experience God through close relationship as we play and pray together, as we encourage and help one another, and as we study and live out God's word together.

  • What is a growth group?

    At our church, a Growth Group usually consists of 7-15 people in various life stages who meet together each week for 10 to 12 weeks in a convenient location in Mooresville to share life experiences while building authentic relationships, growing in faith and engaging in ministry.

    Summer Growth Groups signups begins Sunday, May 8.

  • what happens when I sign up for a growth group?

    When you sign up, the leader of your new Growth Group will contact you with the address of the Group's meeting place, the date and time you'll be starting on, and all the other information you'll need to have a great experience.

  • What will the people in my group be like

    Look around at a Sunday Worship service.  A Growth Group is basically about eight or so people who attend Higher Purpose Church on a Sunday.

  • Is there a group that's right for me?

    Since there are a variety of groups, you'll have the chance to share your life experiences with others who have similar ones.

  • when Will my group meet?

    Growth Groups meet once a week, and each meeting is just sixty to ninety minutes long.  Groups meet for ten to twelve times over the semester.  It's a short-term commitment but the positive impact on your life will be long-term.

  • can I invite others to join the group?

    Absolutely! Invite as many friends, co-workers, neighbors, family members, etc. that aren't connected to another church as you like.  Our Growth Groups are designed to get people connected to our church and to one another.  The more people you invite to join your group, the better your group will be.