Race City 300

everyone start your engines!

Welcome to HPC's year-end push for ministry expansion!  Our goal is to drive from 43 (2016 total) to 300 First Time Guests in 2017.  To achieve this goal we need everyone's participation so get in the race today!

race city rules

To participate, just follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Text the number "300" to 704.727.4454 and register
  2. Take 10 "Tickets" each week
  3. Invite as many First Time Guests to church on Sunday as you can
  4. Text the number of "Tickets" you gave out by Sunday morning

HPC will tally the number of Tickets and guests on the Scoreboard.  There will be winners announced each week for the Top Racer and a Grand Prize will be awardeed at the end of the year to the Racer who invites the most First Time Guests.

So get ready, get set and invite some people to church!  Let the race begin . . .